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4 Headache Red Flags

You’ve been getting headaches for awhile now, so long that they have become a “normal” part of your day. 

But do you know the Red Flags when it comes to headaches?

It’s important to know them since it could point to your headache being the result of a more serious condition.

Headache Red Flags:

  • Worse with activity or exertion
  • Begins suddenly and is immediately severe
  • Felt on one side of the head that is in sync with the heart beat
  • Associated with other symptoms like vomiting, or visual disturbances.

If you have regular headaches with any of the above, make an appointment with your family doctor. If no red flags are present, massage therapy is a great option to get relief by reducing the frequency and intensity.

Daily headaches do not have to be your new norm. 

If you are suffering from them, I would love to help you get relief so you can…..

  • Get back to girls night out.
  • Being present with your family creating memories.
  • Increasing your productivity at work and nailing that project.

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