TMJ Massage Therapy

Jeri Roberts, RMT
Intra-Oral TMJ Dysfunction Massage

TMJ Dysfunction Treatments

As the only massage therapy clinic focused on treating TMJ Dysfunction in the Owen Sound area, I’m dedicated to assessing and treating your TMJ symptoms.

Over 13 years as a Registered Massage Therapist, coupled with a TMJ Mastery Certificate, and several other advance trainings I’m qualified to help:

  • Empower you with the tools and knowledge to be an integral part of achieving results
  • Ensure you are supported by additional healthcare professionals if needed
  • Coach you to find solutions to unexpected challenges in your rehabilitation plan

Client-Centered Massage Treatments

Having a TMJ dysfunction myself and some anxiety undergoing mouth and jaw treatments, I know you may feel worried and nervous, especially during your consultation or first treatment.

Rest assured, I proceed nice and slow, and you are always in control of the treatment.

My priority is you, your comfort and your results.

How Intra-Oral TMJ Massage Works 

Step 1 – Consultation

We gather information about your symptoms, dental history, previous injuries, oral habits and any past treatments for TMJ – and answer all your questions.

Step 2 – Assessment

We conduct several tests to assess your range of motion, muscle symmetry, click sounds and head and shoulder posture.

Step 3 – Treatment

We explain what we’ve discovered, outline the options and plan, and deliver the treatments.

Step 4 – Home Care

We prescribe targeted exercises and provide a TMJ Rehab Tracker booklet to monitor your progress.

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