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5 Easy Ways To Implement Home Care

If you are trying to reduce your jaw pain, headaches, and other TMJD symptoms, home care is a large piece of the puzzle and being consistent is essential to get results. 
I get it, home care isn’t the most fun, and it’s likely the the last thing you wanna do.

Not to mention where are you supposed to fit it in during the day?…….

I am no stranger to home care with having TMJD myself and 3 surgeries under my belt. I used to think of every excuse in the book to avoid it, or why I hadn’t done it.

  • I’m tired
  • I will do it later
  • If I miss one day it’s nbd

But here’s the thing, it is SOOOOO vital to getting the results that you want. It is important to note, if you are pairing your home care with massage treatments, you are only getting hands on work 1 hour out of 168 hours in a week.  Because of this 50% of your results will come from your daily participation in the home care exercises.

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Include Home Care:

1) Make it a habit: Pair exercises with an activity that is already a habit for you like showering, or before/after meal etc.

2) Set reminders in your phone:  Set 3 reminders a day to ensure you get your exercises in. Ideally during times in your day that are less hectic, like on a break, during your lunch, or before bed.

3) Pair it with a pleasurable activity: Listen to your favourite podcast, or watching your favourite show.

4) Gamify it– Keep it fun. Make a deal with yourself that If you do your exercises everyday for a week you treat yourself to your favourite take out meal, a new outfit, something that would motivate you. Get creative.

5) Remember your why: Why do you want symptom relief?Is it so you can play with your kids instead of nursing a headache? Or maybe you want to have less pain so you can enjoy socializing with friends. Whatever it is, reflect on why you want to say so long to your symptoms.

If you need a little extra help reducing your symptoms, schedule a treatment.

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