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5 Things I Don't Give AF About

This is a PSA to all my amazing clients and future clients.Without fail on the daily I have clients apologizing for one thing or another. From the appearance of their body, to their treatment needs. I’m hear to let you know there is no reason to apologize, it’s all good my friend.

When you are in my treatment room and on my table , I want you to feel at ease and know you are in a judgement free zone.


1) Leg Hair:

I would say 9/10 women that get on my table that have leg hair apologize profusely because they forgot to shave. I have had men that are self-conscious about their chest hair when I am treating their pecs. Honestly, hair is hair, we all have it and it’s nothing to apologize for.

2) Body Weight:

This one really gets me in the feels. I have treated clients that are adamant about not having their “tree trunk” legs, or “rolley” back (their words not mine) worked on because they are embarrassed.  I’ve also had soooooo many conversations with people that really want a massage but will not get one (from me, or anyone else) until they lose 10, 20, or whatever amount of weight they feel to be acceptable. This hurts my heart in a big way. 

No one should EVER feel like they have to deny their body the benefits of massage because of their weight. Your body is amazing, no matter the size! It keeps you alive without you lifting a finger. Every body deserves massage and to be treated with respect. When I see your body I am focused on how I can make it feel and function better, not what it looks like.

3) Wanting a change in pressure.

Remember this treatment is about YOU. If you want more or less pressure, I’m here for it. You are not hurting my feelings and you are not being rude. When I check in, please speak up and ask for what you need. This will allow me to give you the best treatment possible. If I can’t adjust to your ideal pressure, I will be sure to let you know. Not to mention I have several colleagues I can refer you if I can’t meet your pressure needs.

4) Not talking.

Clients apologize ALLLLLLLL the time for wanting to chill and not wanting to engage in convo. I get it. When I get a massage 9/10 I want to turn off my brain and disengage. This allows me to fully soak in the benefits of the treatment. So remember you don’t have to explain or apologize. This is YOUR treatment, I follow your lead, if you wanna chat, we chat, if you want quiet time, my room is your sanctuary. 

5) Your grumbling stomach.

At least once a day, a clients stomach will fiercely growl. This is always followed by an apology or comment that they aren’t even hungry. This is actually a product of the massage (if you truly aren’t hungry) When you relax your parasympathetic nervous system (aka Rest & Digest system) is engaged. A complicated way to say you are relaxed. A growling stomach is music to my ears.

So next time you are on my table and you feel compelled to apologize, or feel self-conscious because of any of these things know I truly do NOT give AF. I care about you feeling at ease, I care about your experience, I care that youfeel like a million bucks after your massage.

See you on the massage table my friend 🙂

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