Is this ONE thing preventing your results?

What is ONE major thing that prevents you from getting results from your massage?……..

Wait for it…….


You may be thinking:

“What do my thoughts have to do with”……

-Reducing my jaw pain
-Getting rid of my headaches
-Insert reason for seeking massage here

My answer to you is EVERYTHING. 

This may seem whoo whoo but hear me out. Over the last year I have done A LOT of thought work using a technique taught to me by my coach, Amanda Hess. This technique is the Thought Model created by Brook Castillo.

The basic premise of the Thought Model is that your thoughts produce your feelings, your feelings fuel your actions, and your actions create your results

For a more detailed explanation of the Thought Model click here.

So let’s apply this to massage.

Scenario: You have been clenching your jaw for months. As a result your jaw is sore, fatigued and you are getting headaches. You have tried a few different therapies with no success. You decide to give massage therapy a try. 

Check out the thought model in action below to see how it can affect your results.

Circumstance: You book a massage treatment to help reduce your jaw pain & headaches from clenching.

Can trigger

Your Thought: This probably won’t work, just like everything else I’ve tried.

Which causes

Your Feelings:  Hopeless, skeptical

Which cause us to take

Actions (or inaction): 

-Don’t do the recommended home care exercises
-Don’t change your habits
-Don’t commit to regular appointments

And those cause

Results: Your jaw pain and headaches do not decrease.

Yes I realize there is the possibility that you may do ALL the things, have the right mindset AND still not get the results.
If this is the case then it is likely that massage therapy is not the ideal therapy for your condition. I would then refer you to another professional that may be better suited to help resolve your symptoms.


If you find yourself having thoughts like the scenario above, here’s how you flip the script to get the results you want.

Circumstance: You seek massage treatments to help reduce your jaw pain & headaches from clenching.

Can trigger

Your Thought:
  I am going to try everything I can to get pain relief.

Which causes

Your Feelings: Motivated

Which cause us to take

Actions (or inaction): 
-Do the recommended home care exercises consistently
-Change your habits
-Commit to regular appointments

And those cause

Results:  Pain relief in your jaw and a decrease in headaches.

If you find yourself not happy with the results you are getting get curious and look at your thoughts. This small tweek can change everything!

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