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Full proof plan to get results

Jaw pain, headaches, and muscle tension are why my clients seek massage therapy. Getting relief is the end goal. 
Below I am sharing my Full-Proof plan to get you RESULTS…..

1) Show up & Take Responsibility.
To reach your goals, this step is the most important. To show up is attending your appointments. Taking responsibility is making time for your treatmentsAND doing the home care. Since I will see you 1- 2 hours out of 168 hrs/week, your daily participation is vital to your results. 

2) Be kind to yourself.When you are rehabbing a condition (like TMJD), it’s easy to be hard on yourself when results do not come right away. Some of the exercises may be challenging, or it may be hard to break habits that are contributing to your pain. If your MO is to avoid or bail when things feel tricky, remember this… we are challenging an area that is in a state of dysfunction and it’s going to take time. You are doing the best that you can.

3) Ask for Help

I am here to help. I WANT you to get results. If you find you run into obstacles or have difficulty with any part of the treatment plan, let’s talk about it and problem solve together.

4) Trust the Process

Massage has a compounding effect, each treatment builds on the last. If you don’t see/feel change right away, trust that if you follow the treatment plan (massage + home care) you WILL get results. When you have years of chronic pain and dysfunction, it takes time to create change. You wouldn’t expect to go for a run a few times and be able to crush a marathon. Same idea here.

When you become a client of The TMJ Clinic, follow this full-proof plan you so you can…..

Ease your headaches, so you don’t have to rely on medication.Reduce your jaw pain, so you can be present with your family creating memoriesOpen your mouth with ease so you can enjoy that burger at your favourite restaurant.
Ready for results? 
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